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We have a wide selection of frozen genetics available from our donors past and present . Please contact Gerald at (517)819-7978 for more information. 


07E (Who Made Who x 2R)

Gunther Donor 07E is a powerhouse full sib to Northern Made who has become a mainstay in our donor pen. She is stamping them with necks that come high out of their shoulders providing them with that fancy show look without sacrificing power and maternal ability. 


15E (Aviator x Salute)

Phenotypically this donor has all the right parts; smooth from end to end, clean whistle fronted, beautiful attractive look with an abundance of rib shape, power and presence. Furthermore her sire Little Cedar Aviator has created daughters that are in high demand and we believe this donor will measure right up with the best of them. With that said this cow family is no stranger to consistency in and out of the show rings. Will Stinson’s Lady cow has produced several high sellers for us. An $18,000 I80 daughter, a $16,000 Aviator daughter, along with countless other steers and heifers that have had very successful show careers at all levels. 


01F (Primo x Broker)

We have high hopes for this young donor. We intend to make great bulls and heifers alike out of this versatile cow. Working from the ground up she has plenty of foot. Moving up she provides a tremendous amount of power and dimension and yet still does so without losing a flexible skeleton and elegant look.  

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